Hedon Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

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Hedon Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Some Kind Words... What do people say about the nursery? families, friends, & fellow professionals

What aspects of our school are you particularly pleased with?



“Everything, nothing is done wrong, it is a brilliant school” Parent


“(child’s name) love coming to nursery.  Their learning and development

Friendliness of teachers and staff.  Organisation of collecting children works well” Parent


“The friendly atmosphere” Parent


“Very happy with (child’s name) progress and the way she learns and is taught.  Coming to this pre-school makes her very happy and feels safe and I am pleased with the whole school” Parent


“All aspects, (children’s names) have progressed more for the nursery.  Other family members have noticed a difference in children” Parent


“(child’s name) loves the freedom of play but the structure in place is also really helpful for his progress” Parent


“The help and encouragement getting (child’s name) settled and the way they are taught.  We have noticed a huge difference in (child’s name) writing and knowledge” Parent


“Taking children as young as 2.  Location.  Reputation” Parent


“Clearly a very creative curriculum.  Very good communication with parents.  My child really likes her teachers and can talk about her learning” Parent


“(Child’s name) is making friends which we feel has been helped by the inclusive environment

Development, independence” Parent


“Even though (child’s name) only attends one morning a week he and his teachers have built a positive relationship and they have helped him settle in well” Parent


“Love the Tapestry app to see what’s happening in the day.  The resources

I feel that the staff know my child really well and he loves to come to nursery school” Parent


“It seems fun, they do a lot of reading and singing” Parent


“Variation of learning/activities.  Duty of care

Topics linked to current events and books” Parent


“Really like the introduction of Tapestry and seeing the pictures.  (child’s name) enjoys the yoga sessions too” Parent


“All of it.  A huge range of teaching and activities” Parent


“Engaging lessons- good relationship with teachers” Parent







Other comments



“(Teacher name) has been very supportive” Parent


“Always had help if ever needed it from all staff, nothing is ever too much.  If it wasn’t for all staff I’d definitely be struggling with SEN needs.  Always awesome help/advice from SENCO.  And admin/office always helped in the same way nothing was too much just have to ask.  Always looked after.” Parent


“We are looking forward to seeing (child’s name) progress once his EHCP is in place” Parent


“Leaving nursery earlier this year,(child’s name) looked up at me to say ‘I love nursery’ Thank you!

(Teacher name) has been amazing (child’s name) loves her!” Parent


“She really enjoys coming to preschool, seems to learn lots and always comes home with a new song” Parent


“Keep up the amazing work! “ Parent


“You all do such an amazing job, feel very proud to have our child attend your provision”Parent