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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

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Hedon Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Parent Comments

Parent Questionnaire Autumn 2021

'Brilliant School, helped shape and build a fun little boy (sometimes mischevious.)  Thank you to the full staff for all your support and kind guidance.'


'H. has absolutely loved his time at Hedon Nursery School and he has come on fantastically!  I can't thank the nursery enough for all the hard work and effort the staff has put in whilst H. has been here.  Thank you!'


'Couldn't rate your Nursery School any higher.  E. has come on so much in the 7 months, and changed lots, which is largely down to Nursery.  She loves it so much.  Thank you.'


'A. has blossomed since coming here and has learnt SO much!  I am sad I have no more children to come through the Nursery!  Thank you for being a fantastic Nursery with fantastic teachers!'


'We are really pleased with K's progress whilst being at Hedon Nursery, he really enjoys coming every day.  He seems a lot more stimulated and engaged in his learning, and is looking forward to starting big school.'


'Each term T's confidence grows.  He enjoys coming to School and playing with all his friends.  I feel everything he has learnt here will help him when he goes to Primary School.  I just want to thank you all for all your hard work and support with T. throughout his time here, he has really enjoyed it.'


'Had some really good feedback about R. from his teacher.  I am very pleased with R's progress at Hedon Nursery, he seems ready for the next step on his educational journey.  Thank you to all the staff!'


'E's year and a bit has flown.  Sad to see her leaving, as this has been the best start to E's education.  E's come on leaps and bounds in her learning, interaction, curiosity and communication.  Thank all for teaching E. and we hope she makes the best of her great start in education.'


'We are really impressed with how K. has come on since we moved him from his previous setting.  He is much more confident, tries new things and has learnt so much.  We love it when he comes home singing nursery rhymes.  A huge thank you to all the staff.'


'We've noticed a massive improvement in M's behaviour and learning since starting at Nursery.  He really enjoys coming and is disappointed when the weekends come.'